I am a husband, father, and writer who is very creative and loves to entertain! I collect vintage cameras :camera: and love to take pictures with them if able! I love comics, cartoons, reading :books: , writing :memo: , new and innovative ideas, expanding my productivity, and loving life!

I’m currently writing on two blogs, one called Get Eggcentric, where I test and review exciting and new products/services that not only help with productivity but make the consumers’ lives easier!

I also write on Dazzling Comics!, a blog to showcase the independent comic book community and bring attention to public domain characters from the Golden Age of Comics!

I am in the process of plotting three books :open_book: , one I hope to publish this year and the other two in the future and work on a mini-comic that I want to self publish and sell :money_mouth_face: on Etsy!

Lastly, as if I did not have enough I want to accomplish this year :timer_clock: – Heck, this decade! – I take photography with an old 2002 Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-P7 digital camera :camera_flash: and post the photographic outcomes on Memory Stock © on Tumblr :computer_mouse:. I use the site as a fun hobby hub to try out and see how I can push the boundaries of old technology and digital photography, while also practicing my skills as a photographer and creator.

Feel free to stop by both sites and check out what I am currently working on outside of the tech field! :+1:

Cheers! :wave: