Youtube Review | LC-Q11 | Wireless Charger w/fan

Many people now have phones or devices capable of Qi wireless charging. Well, with our brilliant LC-Q11 Wireless Charger, you can now ensure that your phone never slips off during the night.

It comes with an under-side LED light, which could be useful for a number of things, and it’s in-built fan which ensures that your device does not overheat whilst charging.

Cool, right?

Check out the review below and for more information, visit the link below too.


I like the idea, but I would need to be completely sure that fan was really zero noise. I haven’t yet encountered a device with a fan that I can actually tolerate in my silent room at night.

I really like those and will definitely get one or two once they become available in Europe, Amazon US is an extra 26 in Tax/Shipping making it a bit expensive for me at the moment.

I actually prefer a standing phone charger. It acts as a great night stand and can be used for charging while on video calls.

That’s true. Maybe a charger that could stand and lay flat?

An interesting idea - maybe it’s something worth exploring. :thinking: