XDA - AUKEY Product Reviews

Anyone keen to learn more about our brilliant devices, PB-Y32 + PB-Y24.

XDA Developers has the latest scoop on their review. Check it out here :smiley:


Nice reviews :+1:
I like XDA a lot, I spent a lot of time on their forums back in the days where custom ROMs for mobiles where a big thing


Awesome reviews. I’m particularly interested in trying out the PB-Y24. I do not have any wirelessly-charged devices, but I have plenty of phones and tablets that the family uses on a regular basis and we are not always able to be tethered to outlets long enough to keep everyone fully charged and happy.


They are on my list and I am looking forward to using them… especially when the world is back to normal and I can return to playing poker they will both come in handy for the length of time spent at the table.

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Nice review, after reading this, now want to try out PB-Y32 :+1:

Thanks for sharing @Dane_AUKEY

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I hope you’re winning spending that much time at a poker table :smile:

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Happy to share handy info! :smiley:

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I do well indeed… it’s a game of patience and strategy… and there is a bit of “luck” too…