Wireless Paradise

Thank you Droid Life for the informative review of our 4-in-1 wireless charger! This wireless charger can fast charge any Qi-compatible device.

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I love that one, only thing I would like to change is upgrading the wireless charge to 15W instead of 10W simply because of my Note 10 plus

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We’ll certainly see about what upgrades can be done for wireless charging. :zap::zap:

I’m trying to avoid buying any more wireless chargers until they are up to full speed haha, they are nice for laying around the house though

Wireless charging is a bit chicken and egg - most customers don’t treat it as a major selling point, so it is hit or miss with phone support. And then the actual charging pad may support 5W, 10W or 15W, and it might be fully spec compliant or just close. So pushing to a new version might help you, or it might make no difference at all, and most people don’t know how to tell which it will be for them.

And then if you place it in place, but not centered well, sometimes it will work to charge but not as fast as normal (in my experience, that may be due to problems with the devices or chargers I happen to have). And then a thick protective case might slow things down, and I always use a case. Or having a metal plate on your phone to connect to a magnetic car mount blocks part of the charging coil. Just a much harder system get good consist results out of, so then reviews might be great or terrible with the same products for reasons completely out of manufacturer control.

Agreed - very much think you’re right, not enough customer demand, but it still needs to be made for those early adopters, and then once it hits critical mass, other manufacturers and customers get on board…

Always a difficult thing to grow, new technologies.