Wireless headphones

I would like to test the headphones and my iphone mic recently broke so i have to use headphones to talk and i currently have no headphones

The testing event is live on this page here, please apply here

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I would lik to test these. I prefer a cabled Bluetooth headset. Keeps them together both while walking and working out>
I would test both indoor and outdo. I walk a couple of miles each day. Listen to variety of music and audiobooks.
There would also get tested during online conferences, of which there are many right now, on both computer and iOS devices.

Thanks for sharing the link :smiley:

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Hi, I would like to try the headphones because I’ve been using different kind of headphones (over the ear, Bluetooth earbuds, corded bluetooth) and didn’t find the right one yet, hope the new Aukeys are the ones I need.

Nice! Glad to have you interested in testing - ensure that you submit your application via the thread’s Google Form and we’ll evaluate it and let everyone know next week :slight_smile:

Testing Round 6 | Wireless Headphones EP-B56