Wirecutter says, AUKEY's 18W PD Charger is one of the Best on the Market

Great article from Wirecutter here about our 18W PD Charger, the PA-Y18. Small, compact yet powerful to charge most everyday items.

Check out the article below to see what they have to say about it :point_down:


That’s great! Another feather in the cap for Aukey

I have the Aukey 18W PD charger, and my go to device for charging my phone / tablet.


As you go down that list, the takeaway is you can’t go wrong with Anker or Aukey chargers. Just decide what size you need and take your pick.

I think they are correct in that assessment. Well done, the wirecutter is one of my go tos for choosing electronics, and consistently gives good advice.


I agree, I have the same charger and its the perfect size for travel and powerful.


I totally agree, Aukey and Anker have been my 1st choice for a long time,more often than not also my choice over OEM.
I have an Anker soundcore speaker that have taken some real abuse and still works as new and got 24 hour playtime,I
I got it in a mega discount sale for 19 Euro delivered :grinning:
Apologies for praising the competition on the forum LOL