Will there be a testing round 6?

Just curious, there were a few in April and May, but none that I saw in June/July. Will there be one in August? I see that the 15th/16th…18th of the month has passed with no mention.

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I think they might be rethinking the format after getting over 300 applications each time :joy:

May be have a mega testing event with Power Studio 300 @Dane_AUKEY

Well, the last round of 100W chargers haven’t been distributed or tested yet. Still waiting on it.

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oh… in that case, I don’t expect any new testing to happen before the 100W charger testing gets completed.

Its been kind of slow here in recent few days, may be everyone is busy with the Power Studio 300 campaign


Probably time to get their manufacturing sorted out in the aftermath of Covid, and see what the market looks like. There was a surge of electronics purchases as everyone started working from home, and that is probably well past and we just have uncertainty now.


Anything happening with the testing? All seems to have gone silent, on Aukey community…

@Zed dis you guys get the 100W adapter to test ?


I never received or heard word about the 100W Omni adapter.
I’ve asked @Dane_AUKEY but he hasn’t responded to me regarding this in months.

I think Corona was a big spanner in the works but hopefully the community testing thing will resume at some stage, it’s a great way to promote this community.
It could also be that they got fed up with 400 applications to go through :joy:
I think they should just pick people randomly between who checks in on a regular basis and obviously want to do testing and reviews

Hi Zed.

We will be starting a brand new program soon!

Sorry for the delay. As @JSH1973 said, Corona certainly threw a spanner in the works.

We’ve had a few things change at HQ and we’re now looking to reboot the testing scheme in a different way.

Here’s a teaser…

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@Dane_AUKEY Thanks for the update, i think Corona has impacted everyone… however keeping updates posted is a better approach …

Hope Aukey does a better job at it, going forward…


Certainly agree with you @CK-Techie

Things have been difficult but we’re working on a lot of improvements :slight_smile:

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Sounds good but I will still like to test that Omni 100W :wink:


Certainly working on that :slight_smile:


Same here! Can’t wait to test the chargers. I bought some aukey usb-c cables that are waiting to be plugged into the omnia charger🙂

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Let’s see what we can do then :smiley: