Wi-Fi keeps getting disconnected


Just need a little help. I bought the EP-T21 and it’s connected to my phone (Moto G8 Power). It’s working well with data connection and regular calls, the audio is great. But the problem is whenever i connect the earphones to my phone, my wi-fi keeps getting disconnected. Can’t do videocalls and watching videos is a pain. I’ve tried connecting it to another phone and same problems occurs. I’ve disconnected and re-paired the earphone but still no success. I’m not really that tech savvy, so I hope someone can help. Thanks!

Not sure the specs on the Moto G8 power, but do you know if the Bluetooth and wifi share the same antenna? I tried looking it up but couldn’t find anything. I had a phone a while back (Honor 7x) which had the shared antenna, I had multiple connection issues. What was the other phone you tried?

I have the T21s and have no problem using them in wifi with my Pixel 3a.


Thanks for replying. Unfortunately, I can’t find anything about the wifi and Bluetooth antenna of my phone. I contacted the customer service of Aukey but I’m not getting a proper answer from then.

I couldn’t find that info either, but I did notice that the G8 power only has 2.4ghz wifi. Bluetooth uses this same frequency, so that may be the issue.

Tonight I can try using my T21s while connected to my 2.4ghz wifi instead of the 5ghz and see if it works.

The 2.4ghz wifi might indeed be the issue. If you’re going to try it out, please keep me posted. Thank you

I have heard about WiFi causing problems for Bluetooth but never the other way around, I have experienced minor interference with one pair of earbuds (not the T21) when I’m upstairs where the connection switches to 2.4ghz

The T21s seem to be working fine using the 2.4ghz wifi signal. But, it may be due to the BT antenna is separate from the wifi. Unfortunately I no longer have the phone that had the shared antenna, so I can’t test it.

Can you try with a different wifi, maybe it’s something with the router?