Why no magnetic charging cables

I was looking for magnetic usb c cables because I keep getting tangled up in the charging cable for my chromebook and already semi-broke one of the ports but I am not finding any Aukey ones on Amazon.


I don’t think Aukey manufacturer these cables. Would be really cool if they did.

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Yeah, unfortunately we don’t manufacture any of those - but it could be a useful feature!!

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Well that explains why I couldn’t find any :slight_smile:

You may have been thinking of this conversation:

And then thinking that it was an actual Aukey product instead of a wished for thing. But if you need one today, they do exist, and links are over there.

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Like the feature. Not sure it would suit my needs. But i could see a market for it. Might have seen more this had mog lock cables taken off more.

I use magnetic charging cable for convenience and if AUKEY will get one for sale I would not hesitate to buy it.

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We’ll see what we can do :+1::+1:

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Might be good if you could do various bundle packs. Like a 1 device pack, with one of the USB C bit that plugs in the phone and 2 or 3 cables. I know I have 4 different chargers I regularly use me phone with, 2 at home (on different floors), 1 in the car and 1 on my desk at work. Still I am an extreme example.
A 2 device version could have 2 of the USB C bits and maybe 4 cables.
Make the 1 device pack a “Starter Kit”, and you could discount 2 of them together. Keep the price competitive and you can sure beat out many of the mag cables I’ve seen advertised.

I would make it a custom bundle, pick how many plugs you need and how many cables of various lengths… Then the more you buy… The bigger the discount

You aren’t an extreme example at all. This is the sort of thing where I would want one on my bedside table, one on my desk, one at my office, one at my charging table, and then my wife and kids would end up wanting them as well. I wish this had become a standard years ago, it would be so much nicer to have the magnetic connector straight to my phone. As it is, still having to plug the USB-C side into my phone reduces the functionality a little bit, unless it is actually small enough to never have to remove. Which is a much higher bar for a phone than a laptop, which is why using it for laptops is a simpler value proposition.

I wouldn’t bundle these with cables though, or at least not always. The base package would just be a set of adapters to put on existing USB-C cables - and those are small, so could come in 1/2/5/10 packs.