Which USB C Hub

Hi, I recently purchased the new Mac Pro. Since Apple only gives you 2 Thunderbolt slots (the more your pay the less you get :), I need a hub to power my 3 external HD which are USB A. Which of your hubs do you suggest I purchase so that it has enough power for all 3 HD? And do any of your hubs support Apple USB Super Drive?



One good option may be AUKEY 8-in-1 Type C Hub with Ethernet Port,4K USB C to HDMI, 2 USB 3.0 and 1 USB 2.0 Ports, 100W USB C Power Delivery Charging, SD/TF Card Reader seems to be the best option.

I have the 6-in-1 model from Aukey.

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Hi @JoPo

Thanks for dropping us a message here! it’s a great question.

I’d recommend this hub below, it has PD 100W passthrough charging and sufficient slots for various needs. :slight_smile:

or this option from amazon - designed to match your Mac.


I first thought of this 7-in-1, then also had seen the 8-in-1, more options the better :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Though I have 3 external HD currently:
Seagate 4TB
Sandisk 1TB SSD

And I have the new Mac Pro which gives me 1 Thunderbolt input.
What do you recommend I buy to power all 3 HD?


If the bigger drives are self powered (external power supplies), then anything that has enough ports will be fine.

If more than one of the drives is bus powered (only a USB cable, no external power supply), you may need a powered hub - so something with either a separate power supply, or one that supports USB-C PD, and you connect up a power supply to it over USB-C.

As @Dane_AUKEY pointed out, this one:

Should do the job in either case, and actually has three ports to connect all three at once (a lot of these types of hubs only have 2). If you need more ports than that, you can get a classic powered USB 3 hub, and daisy chain them.


Any of these hubs come with 2 HDMI ports?

At present, no - all of the hubs just have one HDMI ports I’m afraid.

We are about to launch CB-C81 which has 2 HDMI ports.


This is the sort of headline news that you are leaving hiding in the comments around here.

I use three monitors all of the time, and at the moment that means plugging one into my hub and one into my laptop. Plus power supply, ethernet cable - getting to the FULL dock life, where my hub could do everything a specialized dock could do, is the dream.

I would still like to see dual Display port (the spec allows for it), but dual HDMI is much better than nothing.


I think it’ll be great to have once it’s launched. :grin:


It’ll be available on Amazon US in early June. :grimacing:


How about in other countries? like Canada?

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It can be delivered to Canada from the states.