Where's the 100W model that was announced at CES?

In your CES post - you announced a 100W unit, but I don’t see it on your products list?

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I believe the announcement was that Omnia line would be available Q2 of 2020 - so probably between April and June. That is the line that includes a new 100W USC-PD charger.


Let us know when pre-order goes live :grin:

Would be interesting to see and experience the 100W model :+1:

I would like to see it too :eyes:

I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on one of these.

You’ll be the very first to know guys! :smiley: :rocket:

How has COVID-19 affected the release timeline for the 100W chargers & cables? Is Aukey still aiming for Q2 or will it be later?

Hi @jdsagum !!

Welcome to the Community - great question!

We still plan on releasing it in Q2, and so far, I’ve received no news as to that changing. I’ll be sure to keep you all posted here :smiley:

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Just had an update from a colleague - we’ve now launched our new 100W page :slight_smile:

Check it out here.


Thanks for the update! Just some feedback… Aukey should probably remove the 4th photo from that listing. It shows the new charger completely blocking the second outlet, which really is not a good look/design. And the content in the photo adds no value beyond the 5th photo, which shows both outlets being used.

@jdsagum Hmmm, you’re right. Good point. I’ll pass this onto the designer - bit of an oversight there I feel. :thinking:

Least you have the info you want now - let us know if you get one and tell us your thoughts :slight_smile:

@Dane_AUKEY For sure, and thank you again for letting us know it’s coming! I’ll probably hold out until the model with 2 ports is released (I think it was called Model PA-B6). I mean, 2 ports for just an extra 2mm in length and width, why not? I travel often (except during this “quarantine”), and I focus on things that maximize efficiency almost regardless of cost.

Ohh nice. Well I’ll definitely let you know - I know its not too long away now :smiley: