What's your go-to tech review site?

At AUKEY, we work with a number of partners to do reviews, share press releases etc. But personally, I like to check out a small number of these Tech Sites.

I like TechRadar and The Verve, but I think many have their own great niches.

What Tech sites do you subscribe to?
What does that site offer you more than another site?

Let me know your best tech review sites! :smiley:

Being an Android - Samsung Galaxy person mostly

Android Authority, Android Central, SamMobile, but TechRadar and The Verve as well, quite a bit of YouTube as well.
I’m probably spending to much time reading about tech stuff but I enjoy it.

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I usually go to Android Authority, Android Central or the XDA site. But my google feed always works in some articles from Tech radar and the verge.

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Both good spots. I don’t care as much about new releases, so tend to just check in on those around CES or when I hear about something cool from other sources.

Slashdot remains my goto when I just want to get some nerd news.

And anything really big will likely show up on my reddit feed at some point.

When I really want to shop for something, especially phone related, I tend to check out the wirecutter for comparisons that actually seem useful to me.

I forgot about XDA but I used that more back in the days of custom ROM flashing of phones etc…
not so much for news really

ZD-Net, CNET and YouTube are where I get all my tech news.

I’m a simpleton. :laughing:

Whenever a large tech influencer re-tweets or likes something on Twitter. Like the Galaxy Z Flip

YouTube is a great go to…can find plenty of hands on videos and a range of opinions.

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I second your response. Usually CNET first, then Youtube and then ZDNet.

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Nice. Some good sites, all have a tonne of useful info.

I know Youtube has really taken off in the past few years, with many ‘tech reviewers’ now replacing the traditional sites.

I feel that with video, its so much more accessible and for those that love to watch, rather than read, it makes digesting info that much more interesting.

How likely would you be to purchase a product from a Youtuber if they reviewed it as being 5*?

  • Very likely
  • Pretty likely
  • Unsure
  • Not very likely
  • Not likely at all

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I answered not very, because there are so many other factors that go into whether I would choose a specific product.

However, if they said it was not good, and actually demonstrated that in the video, that would make it very unlikely that I would get it at all.


Some YouTube reviewers tend to over sell products a bit as well which can make me lose interest but I like to get a bit of allround info and then make a somewhat informed decision before throwing money at something, but what I save there I throw at impulse buys :joy:


Some oversell is definitely true. But a lot of them are like “Great box! Easy to open! Nice presentation!” and then they fail to even get to the product itself. I hate unboxing videos, don’t really understand why it was ever a thing past one or two apple products back when those were exciting.

Yeah the whole unboxing thing is a little silly at times but if there’s a specific product you have been waiting for and have a big interest in, I must admit to also get a little excited but something like a cheap mobile phone case doesn’t need an unboxing video on YouTube

I Usually check on Product / Brand Page, features, then check for reviews / ratings on Amazon, BestBuy, CNET / Zdnet and forums before deciding :grin:

Mostly if the product helps resolve the fix I am looking for… I go for it :+1: