What's gotten you through the lockdown?

Many of you may be coming out of your lockdown, in which every country or state you’re in.

And this weekend, I went out to the local park and nature reserves and it got me thinking.

What would I have done differently to make the lockdown easier?

For me, having a garden has really made the difference in getting some fresh air and being outside, as well as cooking - A LOT - but other things have really helped too, mostly, staying in touch with people via Zoom / Facebook etc.

There’s been plenty of this too…

and this…

Let us know whats help you get through the lockdown! :slight_smile:


I still have been going to work each day, with exception of a few work from home days. But on the weekends, where I used to go out, I find myself doing alot more yard work and relaxing on the back patio. I would agree that having a garden or yard to maintain is a nice way to spend the time.

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I worked through most of it - partly from home and partly from the office. But lots of walks, I have family here so not alone. We abandoned social distancing as counter productive to a healthy mind some time ago. And now our neighborhood pool is open, and some beautiful weather for it the last few days. So I guess largely by trying to keep life as normal as possible.

Being in an apartment with no balcony in a big city with too many rules would have been bad. One of those times when being in a standalone house in the suburbs really shows its worth.

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I’ve been working from home since March 18. In between, I mix music for a client of mine who is fighting for the U.S. in Afghanistan. He’s been keeping me busy ordering 10 mix CDs weekly :slight_smile:

I’ll save the CDs in a box (for him to pick up when he’s on Leave), but I’ll rip him MP3 versions of the CDs and upload them to his Dropbox as I do them. In 3 minutes time, the MP3 is in his cloud. My DJ setup:

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Wow! Nice set up, you certainly have a variety of hobbies - reviews / photography / DJing! Nice :smiley:

Got a soundcloud?

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@Dane_AUKEY I like to stay busy :slight_smile: DJing was my 1st love and I worked in several clubs throughout NYC spanning a couple of decades, and even DJ’d in Europe 5X. But I knew I wasn’t going to be a club DJ forever so I took up photography in 2006 and figured I’d transition to that eventually. I became a pro photographer a couple of years later. But I’ve always been a “Techie” :nerd_face:

I don’t have Souncloud but do use MixCloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/DezMix/


It has been quite a phase of life, which was never expected. Such hot weather, worthy of being at beaches, instead staying Indoor - says the plight :worried: more depressing for all of us, parents and kids,

Have been working remotely throughout - this has.kept me busy, with more work piling up.

We have been going to nature trails, long ones without kids and short ones with kids… Loving nature more :sunny::palm_tree::seedling:

Kids doing online classes, now with schools end of term, breaking for summer vacation, need to keep kids busy… Trying to come out with ideas…


Wow that’s pretty cool! Quite a varied life indeed :smiley: Great to stay busy!