What Would You Like to Test Next?

I am a Apple MacBook user and always have difficulty finding power adapters that actually work with many Apple productd.

They all look fantastic but I’d love to test these!

  • AUKEY Surge Protector with 5 Outlets and 2 USB Charging Ports
  • AUKEY Table Lamp, Touch Sensor Bedside Lamps + Dimmable Warm White Light & Color Changing RGB for Bedrooms
  • AUKEY USB C Cable Braided Nylon USB C to USB A Fast Charging Cord
  • AUKEY Quick Charge 3.0 3-Port USB Wall Charger 43.5W with Foldable Plug
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Thanks. We are flattered.

Welcome all to those new members! Great to have you here :slight_smile:

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Hey everybody! I would love to review one of your True Wireless earbuds, either the EP-T21 or the Key Series T10. I have tried some of your competitors’ products before, but all of them fell out of my ear when I tried to go for a run with them.

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I could use the AUKEY Desk Lamp, LED Table Lamp with Natural Wood Design, Modern Reading Lamp with Touch-Sensitive Dimmer. My light in my home office STINKS! But my wife doesn’t like LED light, so this would be good for personal use.

In a two-story house with seven rooms and three bathrooms, we can never be short of testing volunteers for your Omnia 100W PD Wall Charger and 61W PD Wall Charger. I’m certain that since the product is Aukey it is a top-notch A+ item with superb quality! Looking forward to being honored to be one of your guinea pigs to test this item - Thanks!





These are a list of products that I personally would use a lot on a daily basis. I’m new to the committee and not sure how a lot of this works but if anyone wants to give me a few tips or pointers feel free🙂

I would like to test this

True wireless earbuds.

The Dro2 which i believe is or was the name of this dashcam is absolutely fantastic. I bought one for myself and it is amazing. It is 100% a great investment. I was recently in a situation where I was cut off by a vehicle who then braked very hard. I was very close from rear ending them. If I did rear end them then it would have been my fault, however, since I had the dashcam it would be 100% the other vehicles fault since there was hard proof of them cutting me off. You should definitely look into purchasing one, there are often times where they go on sale on Amazon as low as $45. I ended up buying 4 of them for the rest of my family. I have attached a link to the incident I was talking about if anyone is interested. I often submit clips like this to a youtube channel called “mega driving school”

click here for youtube video

Dane, I’m new to the community. I’m not sure how to request an item I would like to test. So please give me some instructions on how to do that. I’m interested in testing the Aukey Dash Cam. Thanks

This isn’t actually an open list for specific requests that aukey will send you. It was for people to post ideas of things they were interested in possibly reviewing at some point, for discussion between the community and team. But at this point it has deteriorated.

At the moment, they are offering a limited number of omnia chargers for test and review. If you want to test one, check out that thread, make a plan for revising it, and submit your plan - they will choose their favorites and announce the winners in a few days.


Yes, as @TahaEng mentioned, this is more of an open forum, to generate ideas for us to choose from for our twice monthly testing rounds.

With enough popular choice, we can select something that benefits the community as well as ourselves, to understand how our products work in the hands of you all :slight_smile:


I’m real big into wireless earbuds and keep hearing great things about aukey earbuds. Would like to test t10 or t18 and also wifi plugs are so convenient but some dont have easily navigible apps.

I would love to test AUKEY Power Strip Tower as I believe that is a really good and useful AUKEY product. I have seen that product, but I never really got the opportunity to try it. It would be great to try it and see how the product it is and review it. I would also love to try out AUKEY Eclipse Wireless Speaker and/or the AUKEY True Wireless Earbuds. I have always been a fan of wireless speakers and wireless earbuds. I currently do own a different AUKEY set of wireless earbuds and they are really amazing. I would love to try it out and post a review.

Great guys! These are certainly useful suggestions.

Get in on the current round of testing, our Omnia Chargers :slight_smile:

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Key Series T10 Premium True Wireless Earbuds, Focus Duo 63W - Dual-Port PD Wall Charger

I use these products and would like to test your products.

I would love to try out the true wireless earbuds. I’m a huge fan of earbuds and I have used a lot of them. It’s one of my favorite things to buy.

I would like to try # OMNIA 100W PD Charger. I have 3 different laptops included Dell XPS 15 and Precision 6400 and Lenovo X1 Yoga. I want to find a charger that can handle all these HIGH VOLTAGE laptop that won’t overheat and supply with high power without problems.