What Would You Like to Test Next?

Our next round of testing is coming up…

We’d love to hear from you guys to see what you want to test next.

Let us know :smiley:


I would love to get opinions from members on the T18 earbuds, especially about the ANC


Nice choice. I would love to try them myself

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I’ll have a little roam around Amazon over the day to get a few ideas, definitely have time for it these day :confused:
I was planning to do an oil change on the car since I won’t be driving anywhere with the lock down but clouds are moving in so need something else to keep me occupied.

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WiFi smart plugs haven’t had much mention on here really, those I guess most people could find a use for, maybe split some 4 packs and send a few people 2 each and see what they use them for.


Yeah, not a bad idea. More and more IoT things are on the market so it could be a good idea.


That was sort of my thinking, everybody has something that isn’t ‘‘smart’’ but can be ‘‘made smart’’ with just a plug

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I’ll test one of these :grin:


Ha. I didn’t even know we still had those - certainly an older generation model. We don’t tend to focus on that anymore. :slight_smile:

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Smart plugs would be a great test, unfortunately I don’t have any from Aukey so it would be interesting to see how they compare the TPlink ones that I have.

Here’s my list of what I’d like to have tested. A challenge while working from home :blush:

AUKEY PowerHub XL: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07Z76P1R9

A ‘DC port to USB-C’ cable that can support 9V and up to 3A. This braided cable could help power an assortment of devices using a USB-C adapter and we could eliminate the power bricks on my electronic devices that use a DC power input. 5.5mm to be exact.

AUKEY USB C to USB C Cable Right Angle [2 Pack 6.6ft]:

AUKEY USB C to USB C Cable Right Angle [2 Pack 3.3ft]:

AUKEY USB-C Power Strip with 18W Power Delivery, 8 Outlets:

AUKEY Wireless Charger, Charging Pad 15W:

  • Would be great if the USB-C power strip above had Smart WiFi outlets/USB ports. Something for your design team to consider.

Great list Zed, you could nearly call it an essentials list for the home office idea thread

Thanks @JSH1973 I’ll take a look at that thread.

EDIT: Actually, I couldn’t locate the “Essentials list” in the forum.

The home office idea thread - Home office from Aukey!


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Sorry I was just sort of pointing in a general direction :blush:
My mistake, it was the thread Dane is referring to

Just posted some suggestions copied above :slight_smile:

Thanks. I replied to both in the past and added this set.

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A nice dashcam. Supercapacitor based, 1080p or 2k resolution.


Nice. Useful reviews for sure. If people are allowed to drive in the coming weeks… :thinking:


My votes to T18 earbuds as well … interestingly these are not on Aukey Site under Audio

Sprint Go Mini Power Bank would be the second item suggestion!

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