What Would You Like To See AUKEY Carry?

So, I was looking at all the great products that AUKEY carries, and I was looking at their new earbuds that they released–the EP-T21 and the Key Series T10–and, as much as I like earbuds for their small form factor and retaining great sound, I have to admit a pair of quality “over-the-ear” headphones! I would love to see what AUKEY could do in that category!

I saw another brand released some high-end earphones, that only miss ANC. But from reviews I have ear that they have some humming nice. If you consider other products like AirPods Pro have ANC, good sound, wireless charging and iOS integration for $250 dlls (Branding then Apple is probably $50dlls) I will guess something around $150 all the features except for iOS integration will be a great deal.

I would like to see Aukey launch Key series with ANC and Transparency options, this is what needed, not many out there with these options, and in $150~$175 price range.

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Interesting points guys. I’ve used quite a few different audio products, from ANC, to True Wireless, earbuds, airpods etc.

I think it comes down to what you really want, sacrificing bass for a small, compact design potentially, or are you going for something which cuts out all background noise.

For me, I like to go somewhere in the middle - ANC would be fantastic, with good bass for my running tracks on Spotify, as well as being handy to carry in a small case or charging station.

We do have some over-head earphones, but they’re mainly for gaming though.

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@Dane_AUKEY I did see the gaming products on Amazon. Actually, I went through everything that your online store carries as well as what Amazon.com has to offer. I just thought it would be cool to see those for music purposes. Seventy percent of my day is listening to music, which is why I was excited about the T10s, but I love the option of noise cancelling and I have had better luck with over the head versus earbuds, only because mine keep falling out and the left bud does not sync properly half the time.

Its definitely a problem, and it comes down to personal preference.

I love the earbuds, as they’re just so small and easy to carry, but equally, I know what you mean - a music lover, over-ear headphones can be superior in a lot of regards.

Who knows - i’ll share your ideas with our team and add it to potential product suggestions for 2020 :notes:


@Dane_AUKEY That’s great to hear! Thanks for passing that along! :smiley:

Pleasure. Always good to hear ideas from people like you :smiley:

45W PD PPS chargers and powerbanks, found one on Amazon for 49.99 USD but don’t really know the brand so won’t buy it, but if Aukey did one I would.

Nice find. :slight_smile:

We’re working on a new range of power banks for this year, to include a whole host of new tech, so watch this space :smiley:

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I’ll test a few of them for you if needed :grin:

I’ll see what we can do :smiley: