What Will You Do Differently in 2020?

We’re already well into 2020, but I’ve been reflecting on the last decade and what I’d like to do differently this one.

What would YOU like to do differently this decade?


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This decade I wrote most of my goals that I would like to accomplish in my Profile located here. My biggest to-dos are to have successful blogs and a writing career. On the side, I would like to have a photography and cinematography hobby, and I would like to be able to share my passions with other people. Lastly, I want to focus on productivity and how I can make my life better.

This is a great question to ask the community. Thanks, @Dane_AUKEY! :smiley: :+1:

This decade has taken me from 64 to 74. Since I bought myself some Aukey Bluetooth ear buds, I have taken them out when I go walking & have been taking my brain back to the 70s with my favourite rock music. Hopefully by the end of the decade my body will have joined my brain. :smile:

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This decade, I really wanted to start seriously learning a language. Since I am still a student, I don’t have much time for it and my school only has a limited selection to choose from. I think I will start during summer vacation.

I also want to get out more and do more things. I get bored sitting around inside all the time and feel like I need a change of scenery.

Luckily school will not last the whole decade (at least not for me) so when I get out I will have more time for things (I hope). :smiley:

@What I have started using Duolingo to learn a language. I struggled the first two times. The first time with Spanish, and the second with Italian.

I looked to see what they recommended for this decade to learn for languages to excel in business and life for the next decade. They recommend Arabic, French, Mandarin Chinese, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Hindi.

I decided to try Arabic. I am finding I am decent enough at it that I scored #1 this last week in the rankings. I am going to continue to learn the language because it is so interesting to see how the designs of the letters correlate with the English language. It is really cool and the Duolingo app is fun, too, to learn from.


I would say spend less time on internet chat forums, but then you guys had to launch this site and mess that up in the first two weeks of the year.

Probably need to focus on learning a new programming language. Just want to mix things up, study something not directly related to my daily work schedule.


For me I completely bombed my goals last year.

Last year I wanted to loose 30lbs, get started with my new career as a Personal Trainer, and get out and be more active on the lake and out hiking.

Due to health reasons and life in general I didn’t to complete any of my goals.

So this year I’m working on those goals. Plus I added to get those heath issues under control.

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Our bad… Ha!

But we really appreciate having you here :+1::+1:

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Some really good goals.

I too, want to change a lot in terms of health, wellness and career.

But like @Heatsource, I too like learning languages.

I know how to speak Mandarin, and I’m keen to learn another language - Portuguese maybe.

I do recommend apps, such as duolingo, but ultimately you need to find the way you learn best. For me, I’m a mix of auditory learner and rote memory. :grin:

@Dane_AUKEY I am actually doing quite well for Arabic, in fact, I have finished in the top three on their list if winners of the week, and I have even skipped lessons because of doing so well.

I think after this I will use the Rosetta Stone programs that you can get from the library and finish my learning that way. If not, maybe see if there are scholarships for things like this. Having no job leaves you open to opportunities. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Then hats off to you! :wave:

I know Mandarin is hard, but I hear Arabic is especially difficult - so nice one for hitting the Top 3!

I tried Rosetta Stone in the past, I didn’t like it in the end - apps that are available now, mostly for free, I feel are just as good if not superior.

Keep learning for sure - I HIGHLY recommend that you go to an Arabic speaking country and immerse yourself there for a few months. Your language learning will :rocket:

@Dane_AUKEY I wish that I could because that would be amazing, but my family, unfortunately, is not available to take many trips in the future due to monetary reasons. I have no job, which is why I am striving to be active in these projects of mine. I hope to succeed at them and remove us from being a “one income” family. I am hoping one will pay off and help my family get out of the level the government has set for us. Maybe then we could take a trip anywhere and immerse ourselves in different cultures. :+1:

Well, with the skills you’ll learn from learning a language as well as other things you seem to be busying yourself with, I am sure you’ll reach your goals and get a 2nd income coming in - then your world is your oyster :smiley:

The power of the internet is that you can do anything on there, so I’m sure you’ll find ways to benefit you and your family :slight_smile:

@Dane_AUKEY That is my hope, too.

Thank you for your kind words. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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You’re very welcome! :smiley:

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My biggest goals are to get myself out of debt (student loans, credit card debt from when I was underemployed, etc.) and to focus on my health and well-being. I’m a Type 1 diabetic and for my age, I’m already seeing some complications that shouldn’t show up for many more years at least. My college years were completely out of control, both with the diabetes and drinking (:wink:) so I need to get myself recovered from those days, even though I’m several years out of college by now.

Many major cities in the US have an arabic speaking community, they will often have a community center with events that can get you connected to other arabic speakers and want to be arabic speakers. For the most part, people will be happy to hear you are learning even if you need lots of work. But make sure to make a point of speaking arabic, as when two people talk they usually default to the common language spoken better, and their english is probably better than your arabic. It can be a way to get exposure and practice talking to real people without the expense of travel.

Mine is a little rusty, it comes back but I really should be more intentional about spending time with native speakers. Or pull out DuoLingo - Rosetta Stone is nice, but pricey.

@Dane_AUKEY I learned a few words of Mandarin when in China a number of years ago - counting, greetings, etc. But I don’t have an ear for the tones, and learning to read or write is not going to happen. So I can say hello, thank you, and count to 5 like a toddler, but I would much rather learn arabic with a sane alphabet and reasonable sounds. :slight_smile:

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Hoping to travel a little more to some new places, already have a few trips pending!

@elblanconino I hear ya! College days can definitely be hard, and easy to get a bit wild - but those plans sound pretty good to me. I’m doing the same, slowly but surely, we’ll get those debts sorted and be in the +!

@MrRobot Niceee, where are you planning on going?

Something I would like to do in 2020 would be to pick up some kinda online job part time, it wouldn’t even have to pay all that much, I’m completely blank for ideas and direction at the moment though, having worked in the same office for 8 years does institutionalise you a bit LOL

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