What products are on your wishlist for Aukey to make next?

While Aukey has a pretty great product line, I’m sure most of us have some products we wish we could buy of Aukey quality that they do not currently produce.
What are some items you wish you could buy from Aukey as opposed to some unknown seller on Amazon?


It wasn’t on my list until today. But thanks to another post on here, these are now something I want from Aukey:

This article describes the potential well:


That looks like a great product for the Macbooks. Aukey :eyes:

Love this! Great idea.

Hmmmm…it’s a tough one for me. Sometimes i’d like to see more color variations on the products, especially cables. But equally, I love the red we have - it’s very me :smiley:


Nice idea! Shall see what we can do…i’ll share with our Prod dev team :wave:

This with the ability to support Android Auto!

I would like a slim 20,000mah portable battery pack with PD charging AND fast QI. Pretty please.


60W USB-PD output on a slim powerbank. Doesn’t need to have USB-A. Just have 1-5 USB-C PD ports for redundancy and functionality.

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4K USB-C External Display with USB-C hubs and touchscreen.

I’d like for them to make a power bank with wireless charge

I would really love to see a USB-C / Thunderbolt3 hub with dual displayPort outputs. It is completely feasible technically, but only available for a relatively steep price, and not from Aukey.

It would basically be a dock with proper support for 4K monitors @60Hz. All the docks available today from Aukey are limited to HDMI, which for the most part doesn’t support anything past 4K@30Hz.


I’m looking for a iPhone power bank that has dual functionality as an emergency torch. Red light and SOS flash would be an added bonus - as would waterproofing and ruggedisation.

Dual monitor docking station with a variety of card and usb readers would be nice. The market is relatively weak with options.

Wouldnt mind finding a high lumen rechargable headlamp for hands free. Seems power bank manufacturers make great flashlights.

Lucky for you, we already do make one - https://shop.aukey.com/products/8000mah-wireless-charging-power-bank-with-18w-pd-ouput-and-qc-3-0

Its one of my favorites!

I’m sure with sufficient demand, I’m sure this could be something to work on - one goal of the Community is definitely to listen to what you all need, and work towards making a viable product, so thanks for the suggestion :wave:

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I was just going to post a similar idea, powerbank 20.000+ - 15W wireless plus two extra ports for earbuds or watch, maybe even a dual pad wireless powerbank would be cool

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Why are these the only Aukey bluetooth 5 headphones with aptX technology?:


Why not make them of this type, but with aptX technology?:


Nice idea too. Why would you want it to be 20,000 rather than 10,000 mAh? Always good to know what the reason behind it is - maybe our product team can look into this. :smiley:

Hmmm youu make an interesting point. I’m not quite sure! Other Audio products are in the pipeline, so we’ll see what we can do for aptX :notes:

I had high amp hour battery backs (20k and 30k), and found they got used VERY rarely, just because of size / weight. For most travel I just need a boost for my phone during the day and can charge the battery pack at night, 8-10k will last fine, and are smaller / lighter. I would normally rather have / carry a second one for cases where I know I need that high capacity (like camping). And Aukey already has wireless charging in the 8k version.

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