What Makes a Cable Durable?

Ever wondered why your cables fray, or split or even just stop working?

Check out the blog below to see what affects your cable’s durability.

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Not sure this will help against the bane of my micro usb cables - the end that goes into the phone gets bent when someone forgets to unplug when they start moving or unplugs carelessly. And I have lost a few USB-A ends that way over the year, walking around with a mobile power supply and having the loop get caught on something. Metal will bend under the right stresses.

It is good to have a strong cable itself, but that hasn’t been where most of my failures have occurred. I guess I need wireless charging more than I thought.

Wireless charging and good quality magnetic cables/connectors :slightly_smiling_face:
Magnetic connectors can be fierce expensive though as good quality is easily 20 quid each so it adds up quickly.

Good post / blog. I have some braided cables which have been working well over time,mostly from Aukey. Some regular cables have failed, and replaced, mostly near the connector due to bends.