What is your YouTube setup?

I figure since we were sharing websites and YouTube channels we own, I was wondering if anyone would like to share their studio setup? I feel it helps new YT creators who are wanting to get into it as well to have an idea of how your area is setup and what type of equipment you use–you know, that type of stuff. Anyone willing to share? :smiley:


I have been adding stuff to my YT creator arsenal. The bad side of this is that I did not realized that audio is a big player. I will point what I have use and what I got to do new stuff.

This are the devices I have use.
LG V10
Manfrotto tripod
Flexible phone holder
Rode Mic Micro
Old Sony handycam
Edit on Corel visualstudio ultimate (Recently change to Davinci Resolve, still learning)

I just got
Dji Action
DJI action audio adapter
Rode wireless Mic

Nice guide to what your set up is.

Whilst i’m not a YT creator, I do have some stuff for that kinda thing.

I love using my Yeti Snowball for audio recordings, its good quality and reasonable in terms of cost. Great for people that do interviews or want to get up and running on a budget.

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I have an old H1 Zoom mic that I was going to use years ago for podcasts, but none of my friends or family wanted to join in, and I think I was too scared to do it my self. I also have a Sony ICD-UX560 that I use for notes and ideas when working on stories or blog posts. It has a beautiful battery too! I got it last year and have only had to recharge it once so far! Then, I have a ring light (7") with different lighting settings, color strip lights, and four-ball lights. I was going to put the ball lights in specific spots behind the television in the study/studio (I have four, so I was going to put them in particular locations). For video, I have the DJI Osmo 3 gimbal for mobile phone cinematography. I was going to use it for YouTube for various things (the software is impressive that is built-in to it), as well as a lapel mic for the Sony recorder with a long cord and attachment for different size outputs.

I also have an old Canon EOS DSLR camera (I haven’t recorded using this computer yet, so I don’t know the quality compared to my Samsung Galaxy S10). The only thing missing is painting the walls in the background of my shooting area and rearrange some things in the room.

I may still do a podcast for Dazzling Comics, but I don’t know what subject(s) would be my focus. I don’t like the big-name comic companies, which is why I focus on the “little man,” the independent publishers. I know some authors personally that I have connected with overtime, and some of them are friends now that I am helping with feedbacks in books. I am unsure of podcasting because I don’t know what is trending more, YT, or audio podcasts. I feel like YT was always going to be the future, so I have planned on focusing on that, but I am a one-person show putting on a production myself, and I think I’m doing a more significant role than I should at the moment. That is why I am taking product shots and using my content writing skills to make review posts or editorials or blog posts. I am getting better at still photography, so, once again, I don’t know. I’m sure I’ll figure it out. I’m inventive enough. :smile:

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Don’t be discourage about your Podcast, I started one with my family reviewing restaurants and coffee shops and stuff like that. At had to do it in Spanish because that will be more natural for me to express myself (even we don’t speak a lot at home). But I will recommend you trying Anchor app. Its easy to use mobile or PC. That little H1 should work perfectly. I listen to Fatman Beyond in my car almost everyday, they complement their podcast with youtube. You seems to have everything you need, you should go for it. :+1:

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I don’t have the voice or the talent for a youtube channel. I do have a channel that share dashcam stuff and I building a small studio for doing unboxing and product breakdowns.