What charger is this?

I saw this 4-port Omnia charger (2-USBA + 2-USBC) on the front page.


I think the 4 port one is not released yet

Yes, this is in pre-production. It’s coming soon :slight_smile:


I can definitely see myself getting one of the 4 port ones, I’m guessing it is a 100w one yeah?

How many watts?

Thanks! To be clear this is not PA-B6 which is 100W USB-C x2, correct? This one is not yet announced?

Do you know watts and when we can expect it to be released?

4 ports is cool, especially if laptop charging is a real option from at least one of them - I think the ideal for me for travel is still a two port (balance between convenience and size). While at home having more than that in a power strip or something similar makes more sense. But always good to have more options.

I am 100% sure it is a 100W charger, I remember one of Aukey Team members mentioning about yet-to-be released product on the community, replying to my query.


Oh, this is the upcoming PA-B7, a 100W 4-port GaN charger.


Any idea when it will be released? I certainly plan to buy this! I’m already impressed by the PA-B3 charger that I bought.

We’ll post here about the date :slight_smile:

That’s great to hear about PA-B3. Any feedback for us? :zap:

I plan to post a review/impressions later on, stay tuned.

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Thanks for choosing our chargers. This super powerful 4-port charger was planned to launch in late June, but its release date might be delayed to August due to the pendemic we are facing.

Looking forward to that :grin:

Likewise! Look forward to any review :smiley:

Hemm…what does “soon” mean?