We're on TikTok! ⚡

That’s right, we’re now on TikTok!

During the #lockdown, many of us enjoyed TikTok - the dances, the songs, the endless cat videos…

But we feel it is now time to join the platform, with YOUR help!!

So, calling ALL TikTokers (if that’s a word)?

We want to see the very best TikTok Video from you, our loyal community.
All you have to do is the following;

  1. Follow us on TikTok @officialaukey
  2. Create a video with an AUKEY product in, ANY product, ANY style of video.
  3. Share it with us + tag us @officialaukey
  4. End of July, we’ll select 3 winners who create the BEST video to receive an awesome AUKEY Tech Bundle!

Get your creative juices flowing! We can’t wait to see the results :smiley:
We’ve selected a fun video example on TikTok to give you an idea, which was created by Fans in Italy!

I’ll nope right out of this one. I don’t trust TikTok much. Good luck to all of those who do enter!

I’m right there with you.

Yep… I’m defo not touching TikTok… not even with a bargepole…

India banned tiktok along with 58 other chinese apps :grinning:

It might not be the best of times for TikTok right now… It got publicity for ALL the wrong reasons…

  1. Apple caught TikTok with clipboard capture

  2. India bans TikTok

  3. … i think first 2 are good enough for now :joy:

No TikTok for me…

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haha the timing of this thread was perfect. Poor Dane we all still love you buddy


And US talking about banning it as well…:grin:

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Thanks! :heart:


+1 on the post :+1: