Week(end) Sales on Amazon on AUKEY Products!

From MacRumors.com, a list of deals for AUKEY tech!

I have tested all coupons and codes, and ALL but the LAST ONE work! :money_mouth_face:

Article originally posted on January 21, so I don’t know how much longer we have for these sales! :timer_clock: :money_with_wings:

Can anyone outside of the US verify any of these so everyone can take advantage of these deals?

Thanks in advance! :smiley: :+1:

(All links on their site will receive a commission, so if you don’t want to support their site, cut and paste in a separate browser.)

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Some stellar deals!!

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Your links don’t work for me but maybe it’s because I’m on my phone, it just opens up a slightly larger image of the post

@JSH1973 The image does not have any clickable links. It was just a screenshot of their deals listed. At the top is a link to the site I found it from, Macrumors.com.

Thanks man
It didn’t show as a link until I put my finger on it.
They have put expiry date on the deals now.
The couple I tried did not ship to Ireland or UK but that is the case with lots of electronic stuff, either due to built in batteries or high shipping costs from the US

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Those were some good deals.

Nice discounts there :ok_hand: