Webcam Overview vs Impression : which to chose?

Hello. I’m about to buy a webcam for video conferencing (and some streaming - integration in OBS Studio).

I can’t really find significant differences between the Overview PC-LM1E, and the Impression PC-W3.

Can indications on what I can use to make my choice?

On amazon and on the store they are at the same price… so obviously that’s not really a parameter at this point.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Hi @gravax,

Thanks for joining the Community. PC-W3 has one feature that PC-LM1E doesn’t have, which is color correction. It allows people to see you more vividly when you are streaming, and PC-W3 is smaller and lighter, which is more convenient when you traveling.

Thanks! So in general W3 would be the most convenient and performing choice. :grinning:

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