Warranty registration code

My Aukey model SK-M12 speaker arrived today and requires a warranty registration code to register the warranty. According to the warranty registration web site there should be a sticker on the packaging with the registration code. There is no sticker and there is no code!

Aukey is extremely difficult to get in touch with for support. The support site had programmed, automated responses to address technical issues only!

Where did you buy, chances are that warranty is already registered, it would be if you bought directly from Aukey or Amazon


Seems you’re based in Canada - so as our friend @JSH1973 said, you don’t need to register the warranty if you’ve bought it from amazon. We’ll have a record so you’re good to go.

If you ever have an issue with it, you can either use the automated system or you can email us at support@aukey.com :slight_smile:

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