Utilizing Power Banks and Wall Chargers In a New Way

I receive newsletters all the time from :computer_mouse: tech news outlets–mainly so I can stay on top of the latest trends, technology news, and cybersecurity issues–and in my ZD-Net Newsletter today, I saw an article that intrigued me:

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, a blogger for ZD-Net, was using magnetic breakaway adapters that attach to his :computer: MacBook Pro and, just for fun, he plugged the cables into his USB-C power adapters and wall chargers. To his surprise, Adrian found that he could utilize his cables much more efficiently and effectively!

Adrian found that:

  • When moving a device that connects to the charger or power bank, he does not have to worry about the MacBook Pro and power bank falling to the floor!
  • The cable ripping away from the wall charger would typically cause damage to the devices, but not anymore!

Attaching the USB-C cables to both power devices, he finds more manageable because of placing the magnetic cables close to either of the adapters, and they snap into place!

On his chargers and power banks, he has not experienced any problems yet, but Adrian does state this:

“Are there any downsides to having the connector fitted? Not that I’ve come across (aside from the price of buying the adapters). Yes, there are exposed connectors, but I’ve not had any problems with it in terms of shorting because USB-C is too smart. That said, I cannot guarantee that all USB-C devices out there have been designed properly and are working correctly, so do testing, take precautions, and if in doubt, don’t do it!”

After reading the article, I am curious if anyone in the community has tried this with their AUKEY products? :thinking:

That is a fantastic idea. I didn’t even realize this was a thing, now that I do I am going to have to try it out. Apple’s magsafe adapters were an amazing idea that went under appreciated, coming close to replicating that would be a real positive.

The biggest downside would be cost and a lack of standardization. Someone should add in a magnetic version to the USB-C spec, so there was predictable interchangeability.

@TahaEng I agree completely. I would like to see that implemented too. :+1: