Using T21 earbuds with a mac (OS 10.14)


My iPhone recognizes the T21 earbuds, but my computer never finds them.

My question is therefore: can somebody tell me if the T21 earbuds are compatible with a MacBook Pro?
If so is there a driver to download somewhere (I couldn’t find one).

Thanks in advance for your replies

I’ve been waiting for an answer to my question for 4 months now.
In your web site it is written: “We’re a customer-first company, and with that being said, we’re 100% committed to providing you with the very best of service”.

Well, I’m not sur you can call a company that doesn’t answer “a 100% committed company”.

Therefore, this was my first and very last product bought from your company.


are T21 earbuds compatible with MacBook Pro?

Hi @Baileygirl1,

Thanks for joining the Community. T21 are compatible with MacBook Pro, but you need to reset your earbuds, erase the pairing history with your phone before you connect it to your MacBook Pro.

I have deleted Bluetooth from both iPhone and iPad and still no input on MacBook.

I was listening to music via iHeartRadio with earbuds and worked just fine. I then went to Zoom mtg and no sound.

Hi @Baileygirl1,

Here is how to make your mic work:

  1. Make sure your earbuds are connected to your computer.
  2. Go to your computer setting and search “volume”
  3. Clik it, you will find it shows your earbuds are not connecting.
  4. Clik “Stereo” one and connect