USB4 Will Make Life Easier For Everyone

Heard about the new USB4 developments?

Check out our blog for an indepth view of how far the Universal Serial Bus has come in the past decade or two.


It will for sure simplify things a bit for consumers

Definitely. I look forward to the changes come into effect :blush:

“It‘s also worth noting that USB4 now specifically uses the USB-C connector.”

Nice. But I hope the change is quick and a standard. USB-C dragged for awhile there.

Consolidating to a better standard will do some good, glad it is the shared connector type of USB-C still, and all will support PD. But this isn’t game changing, because the reality is that as long as you are on USB-C or TB3 already, for most people and most use cases, the difference would be hardly noticeable.

I look forward to 5 years from now, when this is standard on almost all new computers and many of the old ones have broken. But realistically, this is a LONG way from meaning a whole lot in my life. It won’t show up in my next work laptop, and we are on 4 year update cycles, so that is 2024 or 5 before I get a laptop that has these for work. Whereas I have TB3 / USB 3.whatever already, and will continue to for the next 4 years.

And my home computers are almost always older than my work computer - as long as they keep turning on and running a web browser, they do 95% of what my family needs.


Will be nice to get a newer standard thats hopefully less spread out. On one hand it is nice to use any standard at any time, but on the other the limitations were vastly different. Getting back to basics is ideal.