USB-C everything

“Micro-USB is old, cheap, and slow”

Bingo. USB-C every device, everything.


I totally agree with everything there, I even passed on a couple of items over the last week for the same reason of micro usb


Good article and very true! Micro-USB needs to go… May take a while, but will happen :+1:

In some time, USB-C too will get to be dated with some other newer technology or port. Hopefully in this lifetime :star_struck:

Change is the New Constant!

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It is a good thought, and the right way to do it - don’t get rid of anything old that uses Micro, but don’t get anything new with it anymore.

But if you really want to save the planet, keep limping along on your old device until it can’t work anymore. Get someone’s used device, even if it has micro USB, to save that energy and time. If that means buying an extra micro-USB cable or two to keep it going, so be it.

Or acknowledge that it is really about convenience, spend the money, give the old stuff away, and let someone else deal with all that junk.


I jumped on the USB-C bandwagon about 2 years ago and I haven’t regretted it. I’m a remote worker so I find it so convenient that when i’m on-the-go, I can charge my laptop, phone, and earbuds with the same cable.

The only frustration is that because we’re still in a transition, there are some micro-USB devices that can’t necessarily be avoided.

I always pass on Micro USB if there’s an option to get the device with USB-C. I’ve made the transition a long while ago.

For sure. Thunderbolt 3 is 4X faster and uses the same Type C connection but with a higher bandwidth cable. Because Thunderbolt 3 is here, I’m not sure why the s l o w transition to USB-C. I primarily blame Apple for being extremely late at including USB-C on their devices and instead sticking to their slow proprietary “Lightning” port.

Exactly the point, but it’s been years running.

I’ve invested in cables that have USB-C on both ends, with USB-A and Micro USB adapters attached to the same cable. 1 foot and 3 foot lengths. These are perfect during the transition period, provided you don’t own an iPhone or older model iPad.

Adapters are very helpful, but I haven’t used any in the direction you are describing. Nothing to allow USB-C cables to be used with non-USB-C devices, everything is to allow older devices or cables to be connected to USB-C ports.

Multiple micro-USB to USB-C adapters are letting me keep using my old micro-USB cables with my new devices until the cables all are dead, reduces waste somewhat. And some USB-A to USB-C, to allow flash drives, hard drives, whatever to connect to a USB-C port - so I could buy a new charger with only USB-C ports and still use it with older devices.

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I definitely try to make everything I buy USB-C. Holding on to my peripherals that are still micro USB until they break down and replace it with USB-C equivalent. What’s going to suck is when Apple switches their phones to USB-C as that means the same thing for waste of all the old lightning cables over time.

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Sure adapters work and sometime they don’t work for data or charging.

I use these from Nomad that do both very well. Data transfers and fast charging speeds (USB-C on both ends, with USB-A and Micro USB adapters attached to the same cable).
It’s a very good transition cable in several lengths:

It’s going to suck switching but they should have done it a long time ago for a true universal connection. Proprietary is never good.

Plus, you will than benefit from very fast data transfer speeds 5Gbps or 10Gbps and USC-PD which is very fast Power Delivery charging. Lightning doesn’t give you either. It’s USB 2.0 (480Mbps) and slow charging.