USB C Charger AUKEY Omnia 65W Fast Charger

Tested new Omnia charger with many devices - phones, tablets, Macbook, overall impressive charging power for such small device.

My Amazon review is live here:

Amazon review: Small and powerful, ideal for traveling


Thanks for the review!

I couldn’t see the link - mind checking its there? :slight_smile:

Here it is:

I used forum’s insert Hyperlink feature, guess it did not work properly.

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Yup, for some reason it didn’t show up. Thanks for sharing :smiley:

Works now, i guess i did not use insert hyperlink feature properly :slight_smile:

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Using it daily to charge my tablet and phone, very fast charging, better than chargers that came with phone and tablet :slight_smile:

Which chargers are you comparing it to? :clap:

Comparing to:
Original chargers for Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Tab S5e and
Anker Power Port 2 Elite A2023.

Ahh nice then. That’s good to see…even the competition :crazy_face:

Yup, Aukey charges faster.

Great review!

With due respect, I feel and believe comparison should be with products with same or almost comparable specs … Anker model is only 24W or Samsu chargers for that matter… and comparing to Aukey 65W model does little justice to either chargers :innocent:

Of course, It is a big upgrade to those chargers with Aukey 65W Omnia Charger!

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Yeah, it’s not apples to apples comparison, but I can only compare to what I have :slight_smile:

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