USB-C Cables for High Power

As you offer some high wattage (over 60W) USB-C PD power supplies, I wanted to ask about the cables that are associated with that. Standard USB-C cables are all required to support up to 3A, but for 5A (20V*5A to get 100W) it requires the cable to support that and the emarker chip to indicate that to both devices.

Do you plan to include separate 5A capable cables with your higher power Omnia chargers?

Do all or most of your USB-C to C cables support 5A charging? Looking through the website, I see a lot of references to 60W on your current cables, and no mention of 5A capabilities, so I assume that is a no.

If not, how can the end user distinguish between them, with no special equipment? Do they have a different product label or other distinguishing characteristics?

I’m very glad to have USB-C with it’s standardized and more durable connector. But the number of options I can have in any given cable are starting to proliferate - USB 2, 3.1 Gen 1, Gen 2, and each of those with the option to support 3A or 5A charging rates. I would guess that none of my current cables support 5A charging, but once I have some that do keeping track of the differences is going to get challenging.


Good questions!

Shall see what other questions we have from the wider community, but they certainly seem like ones that would benefit people. Nice! :+1:


Just to piggyback on this.
Does all Aukey cables have the emarker chip and if not can the ones that do be identified easily?
Reason I’m asking is that Samsungs 45w charger need that to be able to deliver the 45w

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@JSH1973 To answer your question, one of our technical guys told me this:

Our upcoming cable Impulse C-C 100W can deliver the current for your Galaxy charger’s needs. And the E-marker chip cables will be available on Amazon in late April. More info to follow.

I believe they will clearly highlight which does and doesn’t have the chip :slight_smile:


That’s excellent, thanks for that Dane :+1:
I’ll wait to replace my cables until then, might as well have all of them up to the proper standards :grin:

You’re very welcome! Happy to help :smiley:

To answer at least one of your questions @TahaEng, I’ve been told we’ll be adding a ‘5A’ mark / icon to cables to make it clear which cables are capable of 5A in the near future.

The other ones, I’m waiting to hear back :smiley: