Update / Revamp Aukey.com

Wanted to write this post for a while and been checking Aukey Community and Aukey main site (Aukey.com)…

Some inputs to Aukey Team @Dane_AUKEY @Simon_AUKEY for the site content ( Aukey.com)

  1. Update / remove the TeamTECHKEY

This program seems to be retired (looks like) and Aukey should update this with a landing page mentioning it and redirect to Aukey Community

  1. One Important Observation - Lot of newer products Aukey have finally made it to the Aukey site, (great job on it :clap::clap::clap:) looks like this got updated in last month or so, and was drastically different from what it was in March. Still more needs to be updated, example complete Omnia Series :v:

  2. Some Car Accessories items missing in Aukey.com (Dashcam, BT receiver, Air Vent phone Holder, Latest Air vent wireless charging unit for phones!!) these need to be added

  3. Aukey Lamps (Table Lamp, Floor Lamp, Touch sensitive lamps!!!) are missing on Aukey.com

Screenshots for Aukey.com on Desktop and Mobile browser mode. No details on Lamps or Car Accessories (there is as all section on car port chargers, but that is all)

  1. Support details – this needs some kind of improvement.
    No mention of important communication email Support@aukey.com (completely missing, or I may have missed )
    No mention of contact number for customers to reach out to (may be improve on this and setup a call center… Beyond the scope, but a recommendation to setup one :+1:)

  2. Amazon has more Aukey Products listed THAN Aukey.com :joy:

Hope these pointers helps!!

Community members, please chime in if you see there are more points!


Have to agree a bit here

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All good suggestions. Amazon will probably always list more products, as they want to highlight certain ones at the site.

Cleaning up the support information should definitely be a priority. And removing obsolete / defunct programs.

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Also, it doesn’t make sense that you guys have a separate website with your key series products. Should be a page of it’s own on the Aukey website.

Yes this should 100% go, I’m sure it’s closed

I think Amazon storefront page should be updated to reflect all new products as well. It’s hard to tell what’s available for purchase through the storefront. I don’t think any of the Omnia series (if any) are on there as well as the new Swift chargers (F1 to F3). I could always search the model numbers but single storefront page one stop shop is so much easier and better for customer experience

Hi guys!

Thanks for all of your suggestions, I’ve put many of these points to our team and we’re certainly aware of the issues you’ve brought up.

The website, is our main shop front, as it were. We aim to show not all of our products - as there are literally 100s, of SKUs. But rather, our core product line.

For Amazon - you can find ALL of our products, which are available in your local market - be it US / UK / EU / CA etc.

The support page is our ticket system, which we’ve found to be better than an email one. Stuff doesn’t get lost quite so easily, but a 2nd way of communication is always beneficial. :slight_smile:


We only wanted to highlight somethings to touch on improving user experience… mostly based on what we have been seeing on the community, :slight_smile:

Glad to know these points are now shared to Aukey team :+1: Thank you @Dane_AUKEY

We appreciate all comments! We naturally want to hear from you guys, and respond to any feedback :slight_smile:

So, thanks for pointing out those things! :smiley:

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Regarding the ticketing system: It now requires an order number and product number, etc. While important for many tickets, there will be some support requests unrelated to a particular product or order. I suggest either making order/product fields optional, or allowing the user to click a box to indicate the ticket is related to a product (or not) and displaying/mandating those fields (or not). I encountered the burden last week of trying to create a ticket for some website/account issues, but had to dig out a random order to fill out mandatory (but irrelevant in my case) fields.

Adding insult to injury, my carefully created ticket with attached screenshots was rejected with a “network is not stable” error, which was incredibly frustrating both days I attempted this, last week … but that’s a separate issue. Thanks for your responsiveness here!