Unity wireless 60w USB-C Hub

Just wanting to know if this is a good option to transfer files that are over 1GB in size? I saw the video review for it and it said it had problems with big files on the Ipad Pro? Can anyone who has this and an Ipad tell me how it does with all kinda of data transfer in real life? I wanna get it but just need this piece of info before I do! Thanks

Hi @Visualizer69

Thanks for your question. @Simon_AUKEY will be able to answer this question further.


Our QA staff have done the testing and find no problem in transferring files bigger than 1 Gb to an iPad.

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Thank you! Just bought one!


Enjoy your purchase!! And welcome to the community

As you are using an iPad Pro, I would recommend you to use a 30W (or above) PD charger to power the hub as well as your iPad if you wanna wirelessly charge your phone on it. The stock 18W charger is not powerful enough to power both of them while ensuring wireless charging. Also there’s one more compatibility issue with iPad Pro when a second display is connected via this hub. The audio output will go directly through the external display no matter if it has speakers or not. So, our recommended solution to “unmute” your iPad Pro is using a 3.5mm earphones with your external display or connect the display to a wired speaker.