Unable to raise support ticket

I wanted to raise a support ticket via the website, but “the operation failure” keeps popping up, preventing me from raising the ticket.

@sw0418 Near as I can tell, both authentication and the support ticket functionality are broken, at least they have been for me over the past couple weeks. I got a short reply from support@aukey.com saying “fixing” of the website was happening. But have seen similar complaints from July mentioned in this forum.
To get your support question answered, I suggest both:

  • Post in this community under the Support category and tag @Dane_AUKEY who is very active on responsive in this forum. (Thank you Dane!)
  • email support@aukey.com

My gut sense, from the types of problems and how long they’re persisting, is the website is in bad shape at the moment and they’re not prioritizing fixing it, or else they don’t have the staff, or they’re doing a major overhaul which is taking a great deal of time.

Pleasure @SecurityDetail

But yes, unfortunately there’s an issue with the website. Unsure why it’s been an ongoing matter for sometime. Please do email the support email address as you’re likely going to submit images + or amazon ID info. It’s best to send it there as they have access to the sales info.