True Wireless Earbuds AUKEY-EP-N5

Hi, can I get a PDF of the Aukey EP-N5 owner’s manual too. Thanks in advance.

I have the same issue. There is no
EP-N5 listed. Is there another number?
In the manual under Specifications with sub heading of Technology there are listed- BT 5, or A2DP and a few others listed. Any suggestions?
Thanks for a reply.

Hi guys.

I’ve gone ahead and uploaded to a Google Drive, so it’s readily available for anyone that needs it.

Please let me know if anyone has trouble accessing it. :pray:

Can I also get a copy of the manual?

The file is in the drive :slight_smile:

Could I get a copy of the manual also please?

Scroll up about 5 posts - it’s there in a link :slight_smile:

I also request a pdf of the manual for the EP-N5. Thank you!

I wish that they would just make a damn app for these earbuds. They sound decent enough but yeah the tiny in box manual is impossibly small and thus not super intuitive. the controls aren’t exactly something I should have to think about, they should just be easy enough to remember and yet because they aren’t customizable I sometimes forget which tap combo does what and i’m constantly skipping tracks by accident. There’s no way to check for firmware updates if they even do those kind of things either. If Aukey staff ever actually look at their community forums please read this! PLEASE MAKE A COMPANION APP! You did it for your Wearbuds, so why can’t you just update that app to work with any of your earbuds?

Je viens de recevoir mes écouteurs aukey EN-P 5 sans fil avec ANC mais je n’ai le son que dans un seul écouteur même en changeant de téléphone je n’arrive pas avoir le son dans les deux écouteurs. Je souhaite connaître une méthode pour faire un reset. Merci d’avance pour vos retours.

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Bonjour/ Hi

Je suis dans la meme situation. J’ai acheté le ien le 6 decembre et aujourdhui l’ecouteur gauche ne marche pas.

I bought mine on the 6th of December and today the left earbud is not working. do you have some advices please ?