True Wireless Earbuds AUKEY-EP-N5

Just got these from Amazon Saturday August 1st.

Looking for support from the website and they’re not listed except for a review.

I need to download the manual so I can read it on my computer.

Additionally, there seems to be no firmware or support applications available.

Please advise.


Hi @exroadie

Did the box not contain a manual to refer to?

I’ll ask our team to give me the digital file to share :slight_smile:

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The printed manual is so small I have to use a magnifying glass to read it.

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I’ve now got the digital file - i’ll send it to you via PM as I can’t add links here :slight_smile:

I also need a digital manual…the one in box to.small to read.

Would like a off manual for download.

PDF manual needed

I’d also like a copy of the manual. Could you provide in DM for me too? Thanks!

If I could also get a digital manual, that would be great.

I request a pdf of the manual for the EP-N5. Thank you!

PM’d you all with the file :slight_smile:

Since a few people have these we’ll hopefully see a couple of small reviews from you guys :grin:

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Another good look at them here.

Nice. I like this review, simple and to the point :smiley:

I also request a pdf of the manual for the EP-N5. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Sure, sending now :slight_smile:

Also would greatly appreciate a PDF manual.

Mine have a lot of disconnects, sound switching between left/right units, things like that. Is there a firmware update that would fix this? They’re connected to an iPhone 8 and I have other BT headsets that don’t have this problem. I can’t walk down the sidewalk by my apartment without so many breaks in the music that it’s practically off.

@Dane_AUKEY - I just received a set of these today and would also appreciate a PDF of the manual. Thanks!

May I have a pdf of the manual as well?

Dane, any change I could get a copy of that via PM as well please?

struggling with pairing