The Swift Range - PA-F1, F2 & F3 ⚡

Our mighty powerful Omnia Series, offers you a whole range of options to charge your small devices, up to your larger devices - such as an Apple Macbook.

We’ve just launched some new models to complete our lineup.

Introducing, the Swift Range.

It takes on the Omnia Series compact form factor, with it’s sleek design and choice of color options, it compliments the charging range that we offer. For those that want to shed their stock charger, and upgrade to something faster, smaller and more aesthetically pleasing without spending more, then the Swift Range is perfect for you.

Which one do you like best? :thinking:


Swift Mix would be my favourite of the ⚂
It would be perfect as a holiday travel charger for a phone and smaller 5/10.000mAh powerbank.


Agreed. Its a handy thing, perfect for those with both USB-C + A devices :smiley:

All three are amazing, but the Swift Mix is perfect for USB-C & USB-A devices :blush:


Swift Mix 30W Dual Port.


Seems to be a popular one…handy to have both ports eh?

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Looks like some great chargers as usual. Personally I would never buy a charger without foldable AC prongs. I would prefer a slightly larger brick to having metal things to catch one stuff in my bag. But there are other products in your line I have and enjoy with this feature!

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18W isn’t a big enough jump to justify upgrading from the 10-12W smart chargers I have already from Aukey, but I am glad to see the whole product line being updated to USB-C PD. People will just need to understand that charging rates are usually limited by their phone (charging too fast is bad for batteries and heat dissipation), and they won’t usually see a massive change in charge times. A good 5V USB-A charger can already take my phone from nearly dead to over 50% in 20-30 minutes, that might drop to 15, but not 5.

I get excited about the new, higher power capacities like the Omnia because that is a step change from what you could charge over USB before. Moving my laptop to USB is exciting, because it is one less brick. And the 30W Swift also does that, for a few small laptops.

Having these come out moves another piece of the charger lineup to modern standards, and I am excited about that. So when I recommend an affordable charger to a friend I know they are getting something that will last a while and support the next few phones they get well.

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Welcome! Great to have you join the conversation here :slight_smile:

I personally like foldable models too, but there are certainly uses for smaller items even with prongs that don’t. Plus they look nice :smiley:

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Agreed. It’s a continued step towards improving older product lines and moving to USB-C PD. Higher power, small compact form factors, are all the way we want to go.

Wider ranges of charging output will be better for consumers as they have choice :smiley:

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