The right earpiece T10 has stopped responding

I was wearing both headphones, and suddenly the right one stopped working. When I put it in the box it flashes all the time intermittently, but it doesn’t respond to any action. I can’t erase the pairing and then reset it but nothing worked. I don’t know if the touch controls are broken or something inside the headset itself.

What can I do now to try to solve it?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @chemax82

Sorry to hear you’re having this issue. Our Customer Service team are on it - they’ll get back to you with some troubleshooting ideas.


Ok, I can send you photos or videos if you need it

You can send them to @Kelly_AUKEY as she’s the Customer Support :slight_smile:

Hi Dane,
I sent a message to Kelly two weeks ago but I still haven’t received a reply. Any other colleagues who can help me?
Thank you in advance.


Really sorry that she hasn’t gotten back to you :frowning:

I’ve just spoken with her now. She’ll respond asap. :pray:

Hi Dane. I have the same issue as does chemax82. Would you share the solution/troubleshooting tips with me as well please? Thanks!

Hi Dane. I have the same problem with the right earbud. The touch button does not work for me. I have tried re-pairing, but the problem persists. Could you give me a solution? Thanks a lot.

Hi @Sergio

Sorry to hear you’re having this issue. Have you gone through the typical reset and then? @Kelly_AUKEY can reach out to you directly too! :slight_smile:

Hi Dane.

The right earbud of my pair of T10s has stopped responding to touch commands. I left a message for you on the community board a few days ago but I am yet to hear from anyone at Aukey. Would you please suggest a solution for this issue please? Thanks.

Please contact our service team at @rahulthappa

Please contact our service team at

i just recieved mine and i have the same problem… I’ve sent an email but no one responded yet :pensive:

I have the same issue, the right piece is not responding to any touch command but left one does. I already sent an email. Any help will be appreciated.


Sorry to hear you’re having issues with your earbuds. Please check on this forum to see if there are any suitable troubleshooting methods; if none work - then please contact our support team via email -