The Newest 10W Wireless Charger - Reviewed by The Bearded Tech Guy

In the market for a new wireless charger? Interested to hear what someone thinks about our newest iteration, the LC-Q7? :electric_plug:

Then check out this review by The Bearded Tech Guy! :smiley:

What would you wirelessly charge if you had one? :thinking:

For more info, check it out by clicking > here <

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I wonder would the 3 coils make it able for both a phone and earbuds or watch at the same time?

Great review!!

I have ton of items I would love to wireless charge, iPhone, S8, Airpods, and more

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Nice review. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you for sharing with us

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Stumbled across this yesterday and found it be pretty comprehensive!

Thought you’d like to see it :smiley:


Thanks for sharing. I’ve seen a few of his reviews for other product and he does a good job testing the products

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