The Gadgeteer Gets to Grips with AUKEY's PD Chargers

A new review from The Gadgeteer has taken on the challenge to review all of our new and old range of PD chargers.

If you’re interested in learning what they found, check out the review below :eyes:

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Nice review for Aukey PD chargers

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Very nice review :slightly_smiling_face:
Looks like all our chargers will have to be replaced by GaN ones :grin:

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But then I will have to give away all my old ones somehow…

I like new stuff, but I can’t stand to see the old stuff go to waste. Reusing is so much better than recycling.


Same here, I like newer, better, shinier etc. but I mostly find a good use or a new home for the old stuff.
Worst case scenario if something can’t be reused, we can leave in old electrical item for free to be recycled, there is a 5 quid levy on all new electrical items to finance that.

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Nice review.

I need to get my hands some of the new Aukey Chargers to test.

@element321Lucky for you, we’ll be running new testing for the Omnia Chargers :smiley:

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