The Average Techguy | Omnia Series Review

New video dropped from The Average Techguy. Worth a watch :eyes:


Thanks for letting us know :smiley:

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Well I think that Average Techguy review was quite average to be honest, no real references to different devices he tested them on etc. I think he even referred to the 60 and 63watt chargers as 65watt (I could be wrong but I didn’t bother watching it a second time)

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Good catch…you make some good points. @JSH1973

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I hope I didn’t sound to harsh but if he was given that bunch of chargers for free, then a little more of an effort could have been put into it.
Compared to the reviews our own guys here just did :grin:


One difference is that he comes with an audience. His 33k subscribers were probably looking more for the kind of review he did, vs the 0 subscribers that were actively looking for what I had to say.

I personally wouldn’t use his review to go buy a product, because I prefer to understand and see details proven out. But a lot of his viewers are probably looking for yes, these are good products that work well, and might choose the next charger they buy based on the brand name they saw on his channel. And he provided that.


I agree with what you mean. He is just showing them off instead of testing them more in depth

As @TahaEng points out, I suppose he’s doing content for what his followers like. So, if that’s the approach they appreciate, then he’s not going to change it.

Yet, I agree with you guys. Indepth would be better.