The Ambassador Program - What is it?

We have many customers around the world that LOVE AUKEY products, but some of you, are part of our Super Fans. Those few people who share AUKEY news with friends, support us in writing reviews or posting on social media, are the core of our Community. We want YOU to join our Ambassador program!


Hi, Dane.
I would like to become an ambassador. I’m not too big on social media, but I really do like your products, and now I’m waiting for the European versions of the new stuff (mainly the tiny chargers). If I don’t have FB and TW, is there any way I could become involved?

Cheers. Em

I was part of the Aukey Techkey group but hadn’t heard back for months, hoping to join as an ambassador for the products because I really like all the products!


Yeah, same here. Good luck!

I definitely want to be an Ambassador. I write a ton of reviews on both social media and my blog website!

Great to see people are keen to get involved. We’ll be announcing our Ambassador program real soon! Watch this space :eyes:


Super excited for this program :grinning: :eyes:

I’m interested in this :+1:

I’m with all the others on here @Dane_AUKEY…love Aukey products and would be honored to share that love with others as an Ambassador. Looking forward to the details to come, but until then, I’m glad to see that others share my same enthusiasm!

I would very much like to participate in this aukey ambassador program. it would not be bad to have the opportunity to talk about your products to Italian consumers.

Feel free to sign me up as an Ambassador as well.
I’m not a big FB fan but I always make the effort of leaving reviews on Amazon and seller websites when I have bought something I like and/or of good value and quality.

I stopped working full time last July so I do have the bit of time to put into it if you sign me up.

I would love to be a part of this Ambassador program. I am from Canada and I have been convincing many friends and familly to get Aukey products. I have been buying those products for a while now and I would love to help this company get the attention it deserves.

I hope you are still looking for ambassadors, I would love to share my Aukey experience with the world.

Waaa! Lots of excited potential Ambassadors.

Watch this space, we’ll be letting you all know very soon once we open this open to you all :slight_smile:


Excited to know about the Ambassador program :innocent:

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I’d love to serve as an Ambassador. I have several Aukey products and am on my devices constantly. I love the tech that you guys put out.

Hello, I would like to be an ambassador. What do I need to do to join? :slight_smile:

Sounds amazing! I would be interested

Looking forward to becoming an ambassador and sharing the awesome Aukey products with my friends and followers! :grin:

I’m interested! I have a Twitch and a YouTube channel where I can rewiew your products. I would like to become an ambassador because I LOVE your product :slight_smile:

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