The Amazing T10 Earbuds

Thank you to Gamesky for your amazing review! T10’s has 24 hours of long lasting playtime, with 7 hours of battery life alone and 2.5 full recharges.

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I love earbuds that give you GREAT BASS power!!! I listen to a lot of EDM and trance, and sometimes I jump into some hip hop, and I love that the bass is not overpowering, but you still feel immersed in the music!!! SO COOL!!! :sunglasses:

Also, they last longer than the EarFun earbuds that I got around Christmas, and I like the extra stability of being able to stay in your ear. Mine keep getting close to falling out and I continuously have to push them back in place. And, the fact that they are receptive to “touch” and not having to “press” a button is awesome! Great review!!!