Testing Round 6 | Wireless Earbuds EP-B56

Whilst we’re unfortunately waiting for the Omnia Chargers to safely get into the hands of our testers, we thought we’d offer the opportunity to others for another round.

This time, with lots of talk about our earbuds - we wanted to get a sense of what people think of our less-talked about EP-B56. It’s on the lower-end of the market, but nonetheless it still is highly recommended on Amazon and other channels.

We have 5 units for each the U.S & U.K :uk: :us: - so get your applications in. As we have current stock of these items, once the testers are selected, the devices will be shipped out immediately. :slight_smile: :musical_note:

Product info below :slight_smile:



Great to see testing is UK as well this time :+1:


Thanks! We’ve been aiming to get all CA/US/UK up and running asap, along with other EU countries. :slight_smile:


Looks like a fun product to try. I unfortunately have no need for a 3rd/4th/5th? set of headphones, so I’ll sit this one out and let the others try their hand. Good luck to all who apply, I’m looking forward to seeing some good reviews.


I’m a bit the same really, no point in me applying as I only use TWS earbuds now.
They’ll be really good for someone who is exercising daily though.


Greatnews, would love to test this as my wife is looking at some high end ones (Bose 700 and Sony XM1000-4) and it would be interesting to see how close these would come to them…

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I would like to give them a try. I go on running or on bike rides for 1-2 hrs. I want a pair to test that can cancel outside noise and wind while on a call. At the same time comfort of wearing them snug while biking and listening to audio book.
I prefer these wired over wireless for outdoor sports (otherwise i am always on truly wireless buds)

After buying a new bike this week these would be great addition to a daily cycle!

Hi. I’d be up for testing these. I use wireless earphones on a daily basis for exercising, as well as when I’m just doing jobs around the house!

I listen to a mixture of music and podcasts. Id be curious to hear the audio quality, as well as seeing what the battery life is like.

I’d love to test them out.

I’ve been trudging through pair after pair of wireless headphones and earbuds of all different styles trying to find something I can confidently say is “the best” for some time now.

I obsess over EQs to get the best possible quality sound without spending excess amounts on audiophile equipment.

My testing ranges from a wide variety of genres as well as listening to audiobooks, podcasts, and watching both high quality and low quality streaming content

Would like to test these as a comparison to other wireless headsets I am considering. I’m looking to test for audio in all conditions as well as for business use for video conferencing.

Would like to test these. I have a pair of wireless headphones and would like to see how they compare in person.

i would love to test them out.

Peter Craig

I love to test this headset, since very long time I was looking for headset with good price.


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I have a pair of RHA MA390s and have never quite been happy with them. Would love to see how these compare!

Working from home since mid March so using the phone a lot more and plenty of chance to test them!


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I would love to try these out! I’m always trying new headphones to use on my bike and motorcycle! I also work out in the gym a lot and would love to have music to swim with if this has a high enough waterproofing.

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I would to love to test and use this headset.

Since long time, I was looking for headset with good price.

Thanks to Aukey.


I’d love to try these out while working out and landscaping.

I would love to test these out. As a person with ADHD who has a hard time focusing, I rely on music to get me through my work at home, as a publisher, and at the office, as a real estate agent. These headphones would allow me to do so much and focus on the task at hand. Plus they’d be a really good workout partner.