Testing Round 5 | Omnia 100W + Omnia 61W

Any updates? @Dane_AUKEY @Simon_AUKEY

Hey @danishajanee

We’re relaunching the testing program very soon - so watch this space :pray:


This has definitely put a sour taste in my mouth regarding Aukey as a company. You offer customers opportunity to test a new product. Tell a select few they have been accepted/approved/etc.

Here we are four months later and we have received zero communication from anyone at Aukey (aside from vague community posts). Product shortage may have been a legitimate excuse at the beginning, but it clearly is not and hasn’t been an issue in awhile. How can amazon (a 3rd party fulfillment service) have the product in stock but the company itself making the product can’t seem to locate any?

I still don’t even know whether the original people are going to be receiving the product anymore. I understand some may not be around four months later but obviously some of us are. I think this will be the last time I waste any effort checking this forum to see if there are updates - Aukey clearly has more important things going on than keeping us in the know.

Good luck to anyone who chooses to be strung along in the future.

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Shame you feel that way.

4 months may be, but the product didn’t launch till later due to delays and issues with production & logistics. Global logistics from China have been a mess, with 50% less ships running, due to covid. I understand it’s frustrating, but this year is unlike any other.

It’s a free product being offered, for you to test and enjoy and provide feedback. If you had bought your product and the same situation had happened, I’d totally see where you’re coming from.

We have mentioned we are restarting the program very soon, but that will start again in a little over a week’s time. Internal changes meant that the program has had a revamp, hence the delay. If you still wish to be involved, do let me know and you’ll be 1 of the first. :pray:


Thanks Dane, I know and understand the world isn’t going fine, for everything, engineering, manufacturing, and also shipping are delayed. I’ll be glad to be part of the new program, as I joined it too late for testing anything. Best of luck for you and your team. Stay safe

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