Testing Round 5 | Omnia 100W + Omnia 61W

Round 5 is here!

We had 100s of suggestions for testing yesterday, with many of you calling out for our audio items, such as T10s or T18s.

We also had a lot of you ask for our quality lamps, hubs and dash cams. Whilst we’d love to let them loose on you all, we really want to get your opinions on our brand new items - the Omnia PD Chargers.

So, without further ado - let’s kicking off the testing applications!

We have a total of 5 units for each PA-B2 (61W) and PA-B5 (100W)

Check out the link below for the details and the application form. Please make sure you write a full and extensive test plan by Monday 18th May.


Hey guys!

In no particular order, here are the testers :clap:


We’ll be shipping these devices out very soon, and you’ll receive a PM with the tracking code :slight_smile:


Nice new set of Omnia wallchargers!! Thank you for the testing opportunity for the community @Dane_AUKEY


Thank you for the opportunity. Submitted :slight_smile:

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Two nice items :sunglasses:
It will be interesting to see if the testing application record from last month will be beaten🙂

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Thanks for the opportunity. As much as I can test out the wall chargers, all of my USB-C powerbanks and cell phones support PD (not much of a test there), only my tablet doesn’t support PD. I have a 16" MacBook Pro on order that I could really use to test these out, but its unfortunately not here yet. I submitted my detailed test plan anyway in the hope that my MacBook arrives soon. Good luck to all that submit a test plan.

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Submitted! I have several top-notch consumer electronic devices ready to put on test these babies!!

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I have several electronics (laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc) that I would love to try this out on!

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Submitted the survey, hopefully will get selected :slight_smile:

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House has 3 levels. Moving cables around are a pain. Will use for multiple phones and tablets, various users all day.


100 watts of PD goodness! I would love to test these out on several devices including my 15" MacBook Pro. The extra power would make charging a breeze.

I would love to compare charging speeds and performance vs my stock apple charger and the smaller 60w PD charger I bring with me. Portability and fast charging are a must for me when working from home these days!

Lots of samsungs to test

Would love to check it up!

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Thanks for the opportunity. I am a live event specialist, and have to keep all my electronics charged and ready for my shows. I love Aukey products and would be honored to test this for you!

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Thanks for the opportunity. While working from home I have several devices that I need to keep charged with limited real estate. This will allow me to alternate devices quickly without loosing productivity!

I am a student, and I would love to test out this charging brick as a universal charger replacement for my laptop, phone, and earphones!

Really looking forward to trying out your new high power and very small power supply.

thanks for the opportunity, I look forward to testing a new charger.

Great to have you all here! Please scroll up to the top, to find the application google form :slight_smile:

Look forward to seeing the plans.

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Will be testing on me & my wife’s phones, tablets & ipods.

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