Testing Round 3 | AUKEY Scarab Gaming Mouse - GM-F3

Hey all!

Round 3 is here…and this month, we’ve got one of our brand new gaming mouses to test. Some of you in the community mentioned gaming devices, so as our upcoming Omnia Chargers are not quite ready, these are perfect for gaming at home or graphic design and working from home.

For more product info - check out Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B083BP55H5

Please fill out the Google Form below, with the required information! Good luck - can’t wait to see the plans :slight_smile:

***** Update - testers have been selected *****

Hi All!!

It’s been a busy one at AUKEY HQ - with so many entrants to check and consider, as well as our recent survey request, we’ve finally gotten the testing round complete.

Thanks to all of you that applied, it’s difficult to select just 5 out of so many applications. Please do continue to apply, as we’ll be adding more testing rounds to the mix this month and next :slight_smile:

So, without further ado, here are the 5 testers we’ve selected:


For future reference, some of you submittted great plans, but your email or name was either not the same as the form, so we could not contact you via the community, meaning we had to select another person. Please ensure your name and info is updated correctly on the Community :slight_smile:

For those lucky people selected, please share with me your details - address, number etc via PM - not here.

Thanks :clap:


Cool looking mouse :sunglasses:

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Looks like a nice mouse, quite interesting. I’m not a gamer so I will pass to allow someone who can better test it. Good luck to everyone and I look forward to seeing the reviews!


Great opportunity…
Good luck to all US residents :+1:


That looks like a really cool mouse. Can’t wait to see your reviews maybe even a comparison if you own a Corsair, Razer or Logitech mouse

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These look great. I love this. Shall be submitting mine :heart_eyes:

Scarab gaming mouse looks really cool!

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It’s like you’re listening :wink: I’m excited about this one @Dane_AUKEY


If I werent working from home for the next several months I would be interested in this mouse, the looks are great.
Hope to see some great reviews on this item from those who are chosen. Good luck.

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Just maybe… :stuck_out_tongue:

That is afterall, what this place is for. Listening to you all!!

The mouse is actually very good for those that do design, as the DPI settings are decent. So it’s not just gamers, but people that may need to use it for pin-point detailing etc. :slight_smile:


Looks like a great product and great opportunity!


That’s the one nice looking gaming mouse, would love to give it a try.


Would love to test it out for gaming! :video_game:


I’d love to test this mouse. I have many different ones to compare with . A Razer Naga, d.va razer naga, razer deathadder, asus rog pogo.


I’d love to test the mouse, but not as much a gamer now. So probably not the fit you’re looking for. But, would test in my home office setup across a couple monitors.

I would like to test this with MS Flight Simulator Alpha, for which I am also a tester.

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Definitely looks awesome and really looking forward to its release!


Looks like an awesome mouse, would love to test it on gaming and using it for normal stuff on my laptop for school.

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This looks amazing, I’d love to test it on my gaming set up!