Tell us your Productivity Hacks for Working at Home

Being productive whilst working from home can at times be hard…

Picture your dog barking or being just too cute, your child asking you questions or knocks on the door. All of this is all too common. But how do you keep yourself productive during the lockdown?

Tell us your top productivity hacks :smiley:


Noise Cancelling Headphones :musical_note:


Which noise cancelling headphones do you use?
I’m guessing over ear rather than TWS when it is for work

Yeah, that’s right. Sony M3’s :slight_smile:

I have a 3 year old that sings and causes havoc day in and out, if I could get good noise cancelling headphones right now I so would lol. My only really hack is give him to my wife and hide upstairs haha.

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Ha! Love that…it’s basically a hack. :laughing:

I just had a quick update conference call with a coworker who was in a walk in closet for silence on the call. Not there all day, but the only way to avoid at least some background noise for him.

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Been there, done that hahaha

I play music off of my Sonos speakers while I work from home. I also wear pajamas :slight_smile:

I try to get into the rhythm of showering and getting dressed properly, like I would going to the office. That way, my mind is more in ‘work mode’. PJs would throw me off entirely :laughing:


Music and making sure to work on schedule, nothing more, nothing less. Make sure you get up and stretch every once in a while

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i have my personal work area, and use same headset for calls and music either over Laptop or iPhone, usually Jabra Evolve, Plantronics Focus, Apple Airpods, …

the calls I join, i keep hearing dogs barking :rofl:

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