Tech Tips For Working at Home More Effectively

Many of you here already work from home, so you’re used to the ups and downs that come from remote work. But I expect, many of you equally don’t - and this is a whole new ball game.

So, we’ve put together some top tips from our own experiences of working remotely as well useful tips on the best tech to get, to boost your productivity!


Great article, I am glad to be using the Aukey USB-C hub, really been of great use!

@Dane_AUKEY Aukey should have some sales event planned, focussed on work from home users such as these Omnia chargers and USB-C hubs and surge protectors

I love the idea! I think it’ll really help people that need these products, and at a reduced price. I’ll try and put this together, at least for the Community :slight_smile: :muscle:


Wish my computer actually had a functioning USB C port to us a hub on, its broken :frowning:

Sounds great!! With lot of people forced to be at home, people are going for the surge protectors / extension cords to get the laptop charger, mobile charger, headset charger in place for the make-shift work area…

may be also float couple of twitter / instagram ads … help people help themselves

Yup, absolutely. I hear that your suggestion has resonated with the team, as one or two people were already suggesting it. So, we may well have something in the pipeline for you :shushing_face:

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A full home office catalogue with discounts, the more items you buy the bigger the discount type of thing.
Aukey your whole office for less…
Discount bonanza week :sunglasses:


My home office is powered by Aukey!


An intriguing idea for sure :thinking:

I have a pile of Aukey stuff in my office too, but a different and less visible set - power strip, cables and adapters, battery, etc. I need to pick up another desk lamp or two, mine keep getting stolen / relocated because there are so many places they are handy.

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Excellent article and tips. Love the photography as well :slight_smile:

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A few suggestions while working from home.

AUKEY PowerHub XL:

If Aukey could develop a ‘DC port to USB-C’ cable that can support 9V and up to 3A. This braided cable could help power an assortment of devices using a USB-C adapter and we could eliminate the power bricks on my electronic devices that use a DC power input. 5.5mm to be exact.

AUKEY USB C to USB C Cable Right Angle [2 Pack 6.6ft]:

AUKEY USB C to USB C Cable Right Angle [2 Pack 3.3ft]:

AUKEY USB-C Power Strip with 18W Power Delivery, 8 Outlets:

AUKEY Wireless Charger, Charging Pad 15W:

  • Would be great if the USB-C power strip above had Smart WiFi outlets/USB ports. Something for your design team to consider.

Wow. So many great products I didn’t even know about. Thanks for sharing :blush::blush:


That’s what I find all the time now when browsing on Amazon


Aukey has been around for awhile. They have nice Tech :key: