Team TechKey Program

What ever happened to the old Team TechKey beta program? I was part of it for a while and got I think 2-3 items to review but nothing since for like a year now. I assume it’s being rolled up into some of the newer programs just curious.

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I have wondered about this. I did some reviews back before they formalized that program. Never was part of that because it was mostly focused more on influencers (youtube, instagram), which isn’t really my niche. But I am curious if there is still a formal program of that type, or if it is more of a casual list of people they reach out too.

I have always been more of a beta tester than a reviewer, but never have done that for Aukey.

I was part of the Team TechKey… and suddenly there were no more products for testing. I think this may have been discontinued, in support of the Dedicated Community, mostly because other companies were also doing this, would get wider coverage and more advertisement about the product and company along with it.

I like the community idea more than the email focussed TechKey program,


I also was a TeamTECHKEY member. I liked the idea and I hope they bring it back.
Also add Beta Testing to it.

Glad you feel that way @CK-Techie

In all honesty, the TeamTechkey program was badly ran and many members didn’t live up to expectations - in terms of actual reviews or even offering usable feedback.

I was part of the team, working out how to make it better, and the community was the best option to improve it and make genuine connections with people like yourselves, rather than a very one-directional transaction of reviews. We can now get valuable insights from you all about how to make actionable change, which I feel is far better. :grin:

We have plans to open up a new program, which will come into effect in due course as a new ambassador programme. :+1::+1:


That’s great news :+1:


Show us the dotted line and we shall sign up :wink:


Ha. Will do. Shall keep growing the Community and then move on with new things for you all​:+1::+1:


Thanks for the insights as always


I was part of techkey program but honestly it was not the best way to run the program. Glad that it was changed based on feedback. I had like 6 items for review and 2 items were identical set of 6 usb A to usb C cables. When I received them, I was like ??? what do I do with 6 cables. It can only be tested reviewed in 1 way :slight_smile:
But I did get the 20000 mAh powerbank, EP-B60 earphones, a 18 watt PD charger and a 10 watt wireless charger. All I really liked and reviewed on facebook, etc.

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I hope this new program will work better :thinking:

@MrRobot My pleasure!

@AukeyFan Yes…that’s the goal. Better managed - better incentives - better overall experience for all.
We’ll keep you all posted once we get there :smiley:

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